TATE! Thanks...

For perseverance beyond the call of duty our thanks go out to:

Nicola Gillon, Marie and Andrew Reynolds, The clan Rigby, Simone Rogers, Charles Guard, Charlie Dillon, Keith Cleator, Lynne & John Bugen, Glyn Harper, Freda Howarth, Earle, Kath, Mick Hegarty, Phil Madrell, Stu Peters.

Love and War - Guest musicians:

Steve Courtie - Lead & Synth Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals; Alan Hess - Accordion; John Galbraith - Upright Bass; Gerry Reynolds - Press roll on Down He Goes; Chas Watson - Saxophone; Morton Jarvis - Piano; Nicola Gillon - Backing Vocals; Martin Norbury - Euphoniom; Mark Harper - Border Pipes


Those who also served:

Darren Wilkinson - Lead Guitar; Selwyn Callister - Lead Guitar; Ben Dunderdale - Acoustic Guitar; Martin Jones - Bass; Trevor Parkes Drums; Marc Lawrence - Lead Vocals; Greeba Skinner - Backing Vocals and Andy Gifted - Denzil. Dedicated to the unknown fan Claire Ashworth.


In memory of:

Janet Rigby, Alan Gillis, Paul & Eric Howarth, Dave Charnley, Geoffrey Rees Jones, Robert De Montez, Gerry Reynolds, Geoffrey Brown, Pepe the cat.

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